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If you came here with a doubtful mind you

are in the right place to have it changed.

When your country called you answered, fully believing the American Creed; "I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies." And you and I went to war knowing our country would not abandon us regardless of what happened to us, and men died and were wounded in that belief to leave no man behind on the battle field. And today my child and my grandchildren walk the streets in Freedom because of you and men like you, but I notice you don't walk among them. So I must ask, where are you Brother? What has happend to you? Why have you been abandoned? May God have mercy of this nation for what they have done to you.


American POWs, Burma-Thailand Railroad (1945)


"All gave some, some gave all, some are still giving."
"There is no longer any question that there are alive Americans in Southeast Asia. The question is, who they are and how many of them there are." Congressmen Gerald Solomon (NY-1986)

"The nation knows they are there...Everybody knows they are there..., but there is no groundswell of support from the American people for getting the men out." Former CIA Director, William Casey (1986)

Hanoi Radio announces that 21 POWs remain in Vietnam. The Thailand (Thai Rath) news reports it as well. (1988)

Released POW Buddhist Monk, Iwanobu Yoshida, states, "There are still lots of American POWs being held captive in Vietnam." He ought to know, he was feeding them. (1988)

American Long distance runner in "Friendship Run" reports seeing at least 20 American POWs. 1988.

Traveling Irons

"The term 'Traveling Irons' was a misnormer, an ironical term for iron ankle cuffs, with a five foot, cement-filled bar inserted through the eyes and linking the cuffs together so that one could hardly walk."

"He raised his arm suddenly, striking me flush in the face with his fist and knocking me down. Picking me up, he hit me several more times. The flesh over my cheekbones swelled, and I bled from my nose. He took me by the cuffs, dragged me into a corner, and threw me down."

"A special rig was devised for me in my cell. I was placed in a sitting position on a pallet, with hands tightly cuffed behind my back and my feet flat agianst the wall. Shackles were put on my ankles, with open ends down, and an iron bar was pushed through the eyelets of the shackles in a such a way that when the rope was drawn over the pulley arrangement, the bar would cut into the backs of my legs, gradually turning them into a swollen bloody mess. I was in the rig for five days."

"The next day two guards came into my cell and after knocking me about, began raising me off the ground by my arms which were tied together. They kept this up for what seemed like hours, and I don't know why my arms didn't pop out of the sockets."

"The next state was rear cuffs and leg irons. Two guards produced a four and a half foot pole pointed on one end, and a rope. They began tying my wrists and lower forearms together in fron of me. They forced my elbows apart and forced my knees between them, and pushed the pole through the hole created by my elbows and knees. Then they tipped me back on my spine and propped my feet on an overturned stool so that my feet were raised about a foot off the ground. I would have happily committed suicide to escape it. I prayed to die." POW, Jeremiah A. Denton Jr. (1965-73).

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Lt-Cdr. R. A. Stratton, USN

The last American Prisioners were repatriated 4/1/73. (CIA-1992)

That is as new as the CIA would release to me under the FOIA. This is only a sample of several files folders full of live sightings.


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