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Heading North

Babe. Here is Babe in her infancy, fresh from her first operation and sporting a set of metal fenders cut from an A/O barrel I picked up on the Chopper pad at Bear Cat. Notice the Budweiser on the boom. The engine compartment of the Cummings diesel motor that spanned the width of the VTR, packed with a GM transmission that also as wide as the unit, and I sat in the driver's hole. It was one hot ride with a sheet of metal between me and the heat sources. It took a lot of fluids to maintain.

Towing Big John

Towing Big John. Big John had hit a mine, so we went back to tow him. Sometimes we made repairs in the field if parts were available. The 50 CAL. came with hot mits and a spare barrel. It was possible to melt the barrel off in a fire fight. Also notice the lack of shielding for the 50 CAL. A scary place to be when engaging the enemy.

Michelin Rubber Plantation

Ooops! There goes another Rubber Tree plant. Parked in the Michelin Plantation.

Mechanized Convoy

Indian Country. Moving North towards Cambodian border we stop in a mature rubber plantation. Notice the P-29a Beer Can Opener.

Wheeled Convoy

I think we got ourselves a Convoy! I believe we were just guarding the road here and waiting for the wheeled convoy to precede.

Want a tow!! Have any cold Budweiser?

M-50 The working end of a M-50 CAL. is awesome. Notice the C-Rats tied down at back. Sarge had a trunk there for awhile, among other things he kept his tobacco there. A stray large CAL. round in a fire fight went through it hitting his tobacco and shredding it into his uniforms. After that Sarge kept his trunk in the cab.

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