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Taking Charlie's Toys

Weapons Cache. Second largest weapons cache of the Vietnam War. Found along Yellow Brick Road. The only sign there was an underground complex was an above ground diesel generator. Underground complex included weapons storage, sleeping quarters, dentist office and chow hall. The large weapon was a crew served anti-aircraft gun.

The Brass Inspection

The Brass I am not sure who all these clean MACV folks are, but I do know Westmorland flew in for this one and it made the Stars & Stripes news.


Black Gold It seems like we were here about a week extracting the contents of the underground complex and bringing in Dueces to haul it all back to Bear Cat.

Mr. Vietnam

Mr. Vietnam We worked closely with the ARVN forces on occassion, supporting them on occassion. I was thinking how handy the 45 Cal. was for track warriors. To bad only the brass wore them. I had one and several warriors had small arm weapons shipped to them. It was a failure of Uncle Sam to recognize the needs of track warriors. This "Lesson" still applys today.

More Weapons

Charlies Cache. If Uncle Ho wanted his weapons back, he failed to tell us. During this operation we had an enemy sniper, who fortunately couldn't see or couldn't aim straight. After several days of harrasment a tank nailed him with a flachette round. The biggest part of our sniper left was a 6"X6" strip of black pajamas, which they hoisted on their antenna.

Everybody wants one!!

Dividing the Loot. Eventually the weapons were divided up among the Warriors who were present for the find (I think Black Panthers and 3/5 CAV. shared.). The larger weapons made their way into the two base camps.

Duel 45s

M-45 Greasegun Not a very popular 45 CAL. machinegun from WWII, but it did compliment the 45 CAL. pistol. The greasegun fired best upside down, and did require a good deal of lubrication to make it work. The small size was ideal for the cramped driving quarters of the VTR.

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