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The Black Virgin Mountain

ARVN Rangers The Black Virgin mountian in the distance.

The Snake

The Snake The Mekong Delta winding its way into the South China Sea. I was on a parts run in a Jolly Green Giant.

Rice Paddys

The Rice Paddies. A place of beauty and a place of death. Tracks were never made for the paddies (neither were foot soldiers!!) and would bog down in the mud. On one occassion we got ourselves into a mud pond and standing up in it, it reached your chest. Damned wonder we didn't drown.

Old Reliables

Bob's Stage. The Home of the Old Reliables. Bob Hope played this stage set up around Christmas time. I has been resigned to 9th Admin. by then (half crazy & wounded twice. ;) ), so helped some on this project and picked Bob Hope up from the heli-pad.

Clearing Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road. The 15th Engineers blowing trees with C-4. C-4 was also used for cooking and warming up with. The claymore mines contained C-4, so we always had a ready supply.

Playing Point

Yellow Brick Road Occasionally Banchie led the way. Not a comfort for any driver, even when they followed in my tracks.


View from BunkerOne could always think when doing bunker duty, about home, trying to make sense of the crazy world we were envolved in. I don't remember that many bunkers.

Young Rubber Trees

Rubber Tree Plantation.There were plenty of rubber trees in War Zone D. It took some bucks to plant all these trees.

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